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Vision Services

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Vision exams usually last 20-30 minutes, as our doctors take great care in treating your children, and parents are always welcome to accompany their children in the exam room.

Optical Services

We carry a complete line of youth fashion eyewear, as our lines are very unique and custom manufactured. We carry broader, popular styles customers are seeking today. Our frames make children want to wear glasses, and they are manufactured of a rubberized material, making them almost indestructible.

Special Needs Vision Care

Our optometrists are skilled and equipped to treat children with special needs and developmental delays of any kind. Most optometrists are schooled in the developmental aspects of vision, and we, here at Children's Choice Vision, use lenses, prisms, and vision therapy to improve visual functions. Not only do these tools enhance the visual capabilities, but the child will see progress in their academic and other abilities. We can assist your child regarding behavioral and developmental optometry. 

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